The Reluctant Healer – A touching story on the lives of Gozitan women

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The Reluctant Healer - a touching story on the lives of Gozitan womenThe Reluctant Healer – is the title of a newly published novel with Gozo as its setting. In this deeply touching story, author Lou Drofenik uses a wealth of knowledge to draw the reader into the “hidden world” of Gozitan women – “a world of domesticity, where industry and forbearance abound and where the bonds of friendship are long lasting.”

The story unfolds during a holiday that Laura takes in Gozo, she doesn’t know that this visit will uncover the story of her birth. Only three people know the awful truth surrounding her family – Jacinta the woman she regards as her mother, eighty-eight year old Pina and the local doctor.

Laura finds that Jacinta is suffering from dementia and doesn’t recognise her any longer. Neither Pina nor the doctor are willing to divulge the secret they have kept for forty-two years. So it is Laura’s task to find out who her parents were.

Lou Drofenik (Zammit) was born in Malta and now lives in Australia. The women who left their island to live in Australia and their children are at the core of her novels. Her first novel Birds of Passage, is used as part of Australian literature studies at Malta University.

Lou’s other novels, are In Search of Carmen Caruana, Of Cloves and Bitter Almonds, Cast the Long Shadow, Beloved Convict, Bushfire Summer, The Confectioner’s Daughter, and Love in the Time of the Inquisition.

Her novels have won various awards in Australia and in Malta.

Published by Horizons Malta – The Reluctant Healer is now available at Agenda Bookshops and all book stores around Gozo and Malta,.

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