4.6 million responses to EU consultation on summertime changes

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4.6 million responses to EU consultation on summertime changesAn online public consultations on the current biannual time change, which closed on Thursday, received more than 4.6 million responses.

The European Commission said that the consultation on summertime had responses from all 28 Member States of the European Union.

Launched in July European citizens, stakeholders and public authorities were invited to share their views on the matter by filling in an online questionnaire.

The Commission said that the objective is to investigate whether or not the rules should be changed, which it is undertaking at the request of the European Parliament.

The Commission said that it will now analyse the responses received and publish a report on the results in the coming weeks. Summertime arrangements at EU level have existed since the 1980s.

Summertime arrangements in the EU require that the clocks are changed twice per year in order to cater for the changing patterns of daylight and to take advantage of the available daylight in a given period.

The Commission explained that the majority of the EU Member States have a long tradition of summertime arrangements, most of which date back as far as the First and Second World Wars or to the oil crisis in the 1970s. At the time, summertime arrangements were mainly designed to save energy.

There have also been other motivations for the changes, such as road safety, increasing leisure opportunities stemming from longer daylight during evenings or simply to align national practices to those of neighbours or main trading partners.

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