Update: Only 7 out of flock of 18 White Storks are left, as 2 more shot down

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Only 7 out of flock of 18 White Storks are left, as 2 more shot downUpdate with tweet from Parliamentary Secretary Clint Camilleri below – BirdLife Malta has said that two storks have been shot down near Maghtab this evening. The storks returned to Malta this afternoon after spending some days on Gozo.

The ALE unit of the police force collected the two storks and they were taken quickly to the vet, however both died, with the vet confirming both birds have been shot, BLM said.Only 7 out of flock of 18 White Storks are left, as 2 more shot downBirdLife Malta concluded by saying that from the original flock of 18 White Storks that arrived on the Maltese Islands last Friday, only 7 remain, “as possibly other birds have gone missing due to illegal hunting.”

Update: Only 7 out of flock of 18 White Storks are left, as 2 more shot downUpdate – In a tweet on Wednesday evening, Parliamentary Seretary Clint Camilleri said that the “Government will not tolerate hunting illegalities. Informed that the alleged shooter is apprehended by Malta Police. Confident justice will prevail against these few” – CC.

Photos of shot storks by Alice Tribe, BirdLife Malta.

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    11 Responses

    1. just an expat says:

      and still no one listens or takes action – Malta you should be ashamed…………. what kind of message does this send regarding civil responsibility or commitment. This country is like the Wild West – utterly lawless – every man for himself.

      • anthony zammit says:

        Hold your horses, cowboy!. Malta is outraged as you are but that is why Thomas More (1478–1535) created the Utopia as an imaginary world to hope for and of course we created Heaven where there will be no bird seasons (maybe Angel-shooting as they fly by in Paradise!) Our country is not lawless and these people will pay for their dreadful deeds but it takes time in court because we are not in the Wild West where the mob threw a rope around the ‘Hanging Tree’ and accused, judged, juried and hanged the supposed guilty in one hour! Malta should be ashamed if the Maltese people are all illegal hunters. Two hunters does not make the Maltese! I am proud to be Maltese but I detest and condemn and am ashamed of a handful who call massacre a sport. I hope the the Justice will teach them that what was considered Sport then is now considered massacre and they have to accept it as fishermen had to accept not to catch turtles and many fish species (and mind you) this was for food and not sport.

    2. Jake says:

      Neanderthals… and no-one in power is doing anything to stop this slaughter. Total corruption. The sooner people realize what’s going on the better. Will never visit again.

      • anthony zammit says:

        Neanderthals lived in nuclear families. Discoveries of elderly or deformed Neanderthal skeletons suggest that they took care of their sick and those who could not care for themselves. Neanderthals typically lived to be about 30 years old, though some lived longer. It is accepted that Neanderthals buried their dead, though whether or not they left carved bone shards as grave goods is debated.

        They never shot any birds, they did not invent guns so I cannot fathom why you and and some others compare the Neanderthals with modern men!

        Once a Car Insurance company pictured the Neanderthals as stupid people who could fill up the Insurance form, ‘If they can do it so can you!’ the ad said. They were made to stop showing that ad and you dear Jake keep on trying to belittle our ancestors who gave us what we have today. Shame on you!

      • Jake says:

        Yeah Anthony.. I don’t belittle our Neanderthal ancestors. They indeed gave us what we have today – including global warming, seas polluted by plastics and species extinction. It’s the Maltese Neanderthals who ‘hunt’ that seem bent on the latter I’m belittling.

    3. james duxbury says:

      i feel very sad that these few persons are tainting the maltese people, the many are being judged by the actions of a small number of cretins . on the occasions that i have to return to the U.K. i am upset when i hear people say that they wont come to malta because of the bird slaughter . most think that for political reasons , the government condones this .

    4. Local Gozitan says:

      My goodness…A. Zammitt has a lot to justify. Truth is that not one Maltese will do anything about this because everyone knows someone who knows a relative, has a relative, is married to or is a Police officer once or twice or thrice removed. Malta and Gozo have without doubt some of the most inept police officers that exist in Europe today except for the drug squad.

      Look at Gozo….road traffic markings adopted from the UK where a defined zig-zag before and after a zebra crossing means do not even think parking there because it is solely for the safety of pedestrians crossing the road and being able to be seen by drivers.
      In Rabat outside the main police station where overweight unfit so called officers of the law chit chat and watch Maltese / Gozitan drivers park on the crossing and go into BOV or use the cash machine outside. The police do absolutely nothing except nip in to the Glory of England Bar on the roundabout and have to negotiate the cars and Toyota pick ups actually parked on the roundabout, that they do nothing about either.

      So A. Zammitt, how do you think your postulations and shock and horror will ever have any effect on the sub human wild life killers. So long as you have a ‘non proactive’ police force because of “family ties” the killers will get away with it year after year.

      • Jake says:

        Sub human wild life killers sums it up Local Gozitan. With a ‘family tie’ police force and everyone knowing someone who either ‘works for the government’ or ‘hunts’ the wild life killing will continue.

      • anthony zammit says:

        Dear Local Gozitan, What you say is all known and has been like this forever. I highlight the word you used ‘sub human’ for wild life killers instead using ‘Neanderthals’ and it was for this reason that I was upset with a couple of commentators. I can never consent to using ‘Neanderthals’ for Sub Human because they weren’t.

        The colorful description you presented is common in small communities all over the world. In Gozo the fault falls all on the Parish Priest because he used to tell our parents and grandparent not to have sex other to procreate; thus the big families.

        I wish to see you in some situation like you get a €50.00 fine for example and you go to the police station to pay it and there happen to be Officer XXX who is your 3rd cousin and he says that you do not have to pay. I am sure that you will tell me “As a good citizen I will thank my cousin and say NO, I have to pay!” Yet it is easy to make a statement on paper but when you find yourself in a situation of close family, friends etc you might close an eye and keep on walking. I say ‘you might’.

        So what do you want us to do? Report neighbors, fight with siblings, be straight and fair and even fine your mother for throwing a bucket of water on the street? (This happened) What kind of Gozo will we be living in? I prefer some irregularities for happy people who talk to each other, salute and smile to each other rather than with long chins (Maltese). So while I agree that what you say is true, what would you think will happen to us and our way of life if the police force fine and Hitler all around? (can I use that phrase?) Living in Gozo will be just like other cold cities, no one talks to no one and if you slip you are punished, and you live 24hr scared that you do something wrong.

        But, yes, we can put our fist down on what you call ‘sub-human’ (I would call their actions sub-human and not them) I would also consider it a big crime in throwing plastic in the sea. This week we witnessed another victim of such a dreadful stupid crime which is murdering in vain so many sea creatures! I would prohibit plastic on all kind of boats so they will not have anything to throw overboard. I will not sell anything in plastic bags on the Ferries and make signs, DO NOT THROW ANYTHING OVERBOARD, (not even your husband! 🙂 This is surely a sub-human act knowing of the consequence. One of those people involved in recovering the rare juvenile leatherback turtle the other day shed some tears while he was recounting his experience.

        I had to look up the word you used to describe Gozo’s Police Force ‘inept’. I do not agree with you 100% but I say that it is not easy to be a police officer in Gozo where you know everyone and everyone know you. I think that you and I would not be able to do much different because every country has its own inevitability. In reality a Police Officer is there primarily for the safety of the citizen. He will take action if he sees danger. He is everyone’s friend and protector. Parking and zizzags are more in the domain of the Wardens.

        Yet I hope that you will have your answer not from me but when the killers are punished and then you cannot say that “So long as you have a ‘non proactive’ police force because of “family ties” the killers will get away with it year after year.” Then I will comment again on Gozonews.com

    5. jake says:

      Anthony – A police officer is there primarily to uphold the law, not ‘primarily for the safety of the citizen’. If they are incapable of doing this they should be replaced with someone who can.

    6. anthony zammit says:

      That is what your mind or Google said. My Google said: The duties of a police officer, also known as a law enforcement officer, focus on protecting people and property. They patrol the areas they are assigned, which sometimes include entire jurisdictions, respond to calls, enforce laws, make arrests, issue citations, and occasionally testify in court cases. And another Google search more close to shores reported as such:
      3. The duties of a Police Constable include:

      a) to preserve public order and peace, to prevent the commission of offences, to promote and enforce the observance of the laws, as a first guarantee of the rights of all persons in Malta, even before action is needed through the judicial system to repress, sanction or remedy any breach;

      b) to respond immediately to any request for the protection and intervention of the law;

      c) to apply the law without discrimination on any ground, such as sex, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, property, birth or other status;

      d) to promote the orderly and peaceful coexistence of all persons in Malta, paying due attention not only to private property rights but also to public property;

      e) to seek to protect the environment as part of the common good;

      f) to assist, within reasonable limits, any person seeking the help of a police or other public officer even though the ultimate responsibility to provide such help may not lie with the Force;

      g) to perform honestly and effectively all those duties assigned by the Commissioner of Police and by any law; and

      h) any other duties according to the exigencies of the Public Service as directed by the Principal Permanent Secretary. POST OF POLICE CONSTABLES IN THE MALTA POLICE FORCE (As per Ministry’s HR Plan for the year 2017)
      a, b, c, and h, does not mean of importance they just indicate sequence.
      As for your overweight unfit so called officers: Not all overweight are unfit. See this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uBuj6E4NgU Apart from that all officers had to pass the Physical Efficiency Test which for your information is:


      1 Mile Run
      18 – 30
      10 mins
      12 mins

      Push-Ups (Repetitions)
      18 – 30

      Sit-Ups (Repetitions)
      18 – 30

      They have to be in this physical state when they enroll but after that they get old, might get fat, sick or other but you do not chuck them out of the force. Yet, no police officer really needs to run because in Gozo we know everyone and sooner or later the fat policeman will tap the guy on his shoulder while he is sitting in his favorite bar and ask him gently to accompany him to the station.
      I am not happy talking about this subject when we were talking about bird killing and you stretched it out to incompetent police except the drug squad. (Wonder why) so please give it a rest because I am going to.

      I love our Police Force in Gozo. They do a great job. They could do better (as everyone) but at least they did not lose the humane in the job as you seem to wish them to. You seem to lean towards Big Brother and Robocop. Enjoy the force as is; until it will become as ‘you wish it becomes’.

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