Killing protected birds is inexcusable and a criminal act – KSU

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Killing protected birds is inexcusable and a criminal act - KSUKaccaturi San Ubertu (KSU) in a statement has said that “the killing of protected birds is inexcusable in civilised society and can only be termed as a criminal act.”

“Malta happens to have the harshest penalties for such crime and yet these acts occur sporadically notwithstanding the exemplary behaviour of the vast majority of hunters,” it said

The statement follows on from news by BirdLife Malta today on the shooting down in Malta of 4 protected White Storks, with a further 2 missing, leaving just 12 from the original flock of 18 that arrived on the Maltese Islands on Friday.

FKNK went on to say that, “such acts cast a bad light on all hunters since a sector of those thriving from bird protection deceitfully depict apathy on the part of the authorities and anarchy and mayhem among the hunting community in their bid to gain public support against hunting.”

According to FKNK, “reality and fact prove exactly the opposite and show that today’s hunters are foremost in educating about protected species and environmental initiatives done to help visiting birds.”

“Yet the actions of a few irresponsible criminals, which in all probability do not even hold a hunting license or a licensed shotgun, jeopardise all the good done by hunters due to their despicable vandal acts,” it added.

The penalties in place for such acts are there to castigate any such criminals, said FKNK. “The revision of such penalties by Government as an electoral promise is certainly being withheld following any illegal act.”

“It would certainly help if all the hunting community would follow Kaccaturi San Ubertu’s example and cooperate with the authorities to identify any perpetrators whose actions are nothing but damage to sustainable hunting no matter how this is being promoted,” concluded FKNK.

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    1. just an expat says:

      sorry KSU but I for one do not believe your sanctimonious condemnations – in such a small community as Malta someone, somewhere knows who did this and should, according to your own admission, be coming forward to give evidence – but not in anyone’s wildest dreams. I fully agree that the majority of hunters are responsible and law abiding but there is a sizeable group of law flouting, selfish, idiots who think they can do what they like AND they belong to the hunting organisations AND you know who they are.

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