Students complain over Systems of Knowledge exam results

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Students complain over Systems of Knowledge exam resultsA number of complaints from candidates have been received by the MATSEC Support Unit.

In a statement, the Unit said that these complaints had come from students who failed the Systems of Knowledge examination held in the first 2018 session.

“In practically all cases, the complaints came from candidates who obtained a good or very good mark in the project, which has a weighting of 40% of the global mark, it said.”

The Unit added that “they then reasoned that it was hard to believe that they did not acquire the few remaining marks from the written examination to pass since they assumed that the pass mark was always less than 50%.”

“This year the examiners reported that the students’ overall performance in the written paper was poor and, compared to previous years, a lower pass mark was set,” said the Unit, it added that, “in spite of this adjustment, there was a higher percentage of F grades than in recent years.”

“Unfortunately, the candidates are working under a wrong impression of how Systems of Knowledge is assessed. The syllabus states that the criteria for a pass grade is that candidates need a pass in the written paper to obtain an overall pass grade and not “a few remaining marks,” it said.

The MATSEC Support Unit explained that “a preliminary look at the statistics of marks obtained in the four questions that the candidates were required to answer indicates that candidates seem to be concentrating on studying only one, or maybe two sections of the four sections of the syllabus, and providing poor answers to the other two or three sections.”

The Unit provided a table as seen below which it said, “shows some typical results that confirm this observation.” The marks of each section of the written paper are out of a maximum of 100.

There are four sections: Section A/100 – Section B/100 – Section C/100 – Section D/100, with the 4 groups of results shown below.

44 – 3 – 26 – 56

68 – 5 – 20 – 41

21 – 46 – 10 – 58

36 – 57 – 35 – 12

55 – 17 – 25 – 56

16 – 80 – 20 – 29

64 – 18 – 20 – 46.

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