€10 million reverse osmosis tender published for new Hondoq plant

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€10 million reverse osmosis tender published for new Hondoq plantA ten million euro tender has been published by the Water Services Corporation, which it said, “represents an unprecedented investment in the quality and security of potable water supply for the Island of Gozo.”

This investment in reverse osmosis at Hondoq will render the sister island completely self-sufficient in the provision of water, the WSC added.

The new installation, which was first announced in February this year, will be at Hondoq on the site of the former sea-water distillation plant built in the 1960s.

It will involve state of the art technology and it will also be able to supply water to Malta if this is necessary. The WSC added that the new plant will have the potential to produce 9,000 cubic metres of water per day.

“This reverse osmosis will ensure that Gozo is second to none in terms of the quality and security of its water supply,” said WSC CEO Richard Bilocca.

“The project is a gem in itself, he added, “it will reach the highest environmental standards, both in terms of the surrounding environs and energy efficiency.”

Bids on the tender close by mid-September 2018. WSC said that the project is led by the Water Services Corporation and “may be co-financed through Cohesion funds.”

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      No doubt more brown envelopes will be flying around. Got keep the economy moving by enriching the politicians.

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