Amery Hill School Choir to perform at Sannat concert

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Amery Hill School Choir to perform at Sannat concertTwo concerts are being performed in Gozo and Malta by the Amery Hill School Choir and Band from the UK.

Next Monday, the 16th of July, the choir will be in Gozo to perform a concert on the Sannat church terrace, starting at 8.00pm. This event is being sponsored by the Sannat Local Council.

Then on Wednesday, the 18th July the choir and band will be in Paola, Malta for a concert on the church terrace, which will also start at 8pm.

Amery Hill School is a secondary school in Alton Hampshire, with approximately 1000 students aged from 11-16 age.

Since 2009, the Department of Music developed the opportunities for students to experience a variety of music and extracurricular.

The Department was awarded a special recognition from Hampshire Music Service for the music department and more recently have been awarded Music Mark for the department. The Department of Music offers a variety of instrumental and vocal groups.

In recent years they have won the Farnham Festival and Basingstoke Arts Festival with the Choir. The Amery Hill School Music Department have been on tour four times in Holland, Spain and New York taking instrumentalist and choirs to showcase their work.

They sing anything from traditional such as Kyrie and Adiemus to more feel easy songs such as Down By the Riverside, This Little Light of Mine, Wimoweh and Stand By Me.

The woodwind group play a mixture of classical known tunes with a twist or upbeat jazzy themes to film music. Ghostbusters, Mixed Bag of Boogie, Send in the Clowns to especially composed piece by a student.

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    2 Responses

    1. anthony zammit says:

      I went to Sannat and was seated at 5 to 8 pm. Few minutes later they got in line and began to sing. Just a couple of bars and sat down. It was only a rehearsal. I waited, watched the MC walking around, equipment being installed and said to myself ‘This is going to be a long wait’ so I left at 20past. I am sorry I missed it because the choir sounded great but lack of punctuality makes me dizzy.

    2. anthony zammit says:

      I went back and I utterly enjoyed it. Thank you, but it would have been better if started in time.

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