“Smart iBiNs” to be introduced for waste collection in Gozo and Malta

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"Smart iBiNs" to be introduced for waste collection in Gozo and MaltaWaste collection in Gozo and Malta will be changing in the coming months, as GreenPak announces its plans to roll out revolutionary iBiNs equipped with smart technology that it said, “will make overflowing sites a thing of the past.”

The Cooperative explained that iBiNs have the capability to “monitor waste levels and feed information back to a central system” which will enable its recycling service to prioritise and customise collection routes in all of the 41 localities it currently serves.

Mario Schembri the GreenPak CEO, said that by the end of the year the Cooperative would have invested more than €500,000 to introduce 800 bins around Gozo and Malta with the smart iBiN.

The project is being supported through the Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes Initiative, and part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under Operational Programme I 2014-2020 ‘Fostering a competitive and sustainable economy to meet our challenges’.

Schembri went on to say that “the iBins will avoid unsightly overflowing and enable GreenPak to save costs through optimised routes for its truck drivers.”

The bins are also equipped with temperature sensors that will immediately alert head office if the waste inside the bin has caught fire, a possible occurrence in the summer months.

This year’s local council awards winner have also been announced. They are held by GreenPak to recognise the local councils that have made a significant contribution to the recycling effort.

In Gozo, Xewkija won the Award for the Most Glass Collected.

In Malta the winners are: the Attard Council who won Best Overall Performance Award; the Safi Council for the Battery Collection (BATREE) Award; Most Responsive Community Award to Ta’ Xbiex; Most Proactive Award to Kirkop; and Most Supportive Locality Award to Qrendi.

The award ceremony was attended by Environment Minister Jose Herrera and Local Government Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Parnis.

Photo: GreenPak CEO Mario Schembri with the winners of the Local Council Awards.

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    2 Responses

    1. Lino DeBono says:

      Smart Bins to be introduced. I do wonder how Bins can be smart. Do these talk – walk or do anything smart?
      These are just Bins and if posted in strategic posts can help elevate the waste stupid people throw in the wayside.
      Smart – definable not – Needed – Definable YES.

    2. Ray says:

      It does not matter how smart the bins are if lazy people just throw there rubbish in the general direction of the bin and drive away!

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