Improvements for the Meals on Wheels service in Gozo

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Improvements for the Meals on Wheels service in GozoThe Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana has announced a reform of the Meals on Wheels service in Gozo.

Meals on Wheels is offered by the Ministry for Gozo community care services office for the elderly and persons with special needs.

Those who take up the service are offered a meal of two dishes and dessert once a day or on specified days at €2.30 per meal, which is paid to the driver weekly.

The service is offered to anyone aged over 60, or those with special needs on presentation of a copy of the special ID card issued by KDPD.

Dr Caruana explained that new practices have been introduced in the processing, packaging and distributing of food, so that the elderly people who use this service are given the best possible product ensuring improved food quality and the health and safety of customers.C:\Users\Mike\Documents\Tunderbird Portable\ThunderbirdPortable_52.7.0_English.paf.exe C:\Users\Mike\Documents\Tunderbird Portable\ThunderbirdPortableMenus have been selected by experts to cover every requirement of customers, Minister Caruana said, Chronic conditions that determine what kind of food can and should be provided to a particular customer are also catered for. These include lactose free, gluten free, and food suitable for diabetics.

Dr Caruana added that through this reform the service will meet the applicable standards, helping the elderly, as far as possible, to stay active and live independently within the community.

The Minister for Gozo thanked NGO – The Friends of the Sick and Elderly Gozo, who has been providing the service over the past years.

Photographs: MGOZ/George Scerri

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      Meals on wheels is supposed to be free, no charge

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