Promotion of renewable energy through projects in Gozitan localities

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Promotion of renewable energy through projects in Gozitan localitiesThe promotion of renewable energy in Gozitan localities is underway through the implementation of Green Fiscal Policies and Micro-Grids.

MIEMA (Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency) has said that it is participating in a number of projects funded under the Interreg MED Programme.

LOCAL4GREEN and PEGASUS are two projects which fall under the thematic area of Renewable Energy which, MIEMA said, are being implemented specifically in Gozo.

The LOCAL4GREEN (Local Policies for Green Energy) project focuses on the design of local fiscal policies with the aim of promoting renewable energy in Gozitan communities.

The Agency said that a pilot project is being implemented in collaboration with the Gozo Regional Committee and a number of local councils.

The project – PEGASUS (Promoting Effective Generation and Sustainable Uses of Electricity) will focus on the implementation of a micro-grid model in the locality of San Lawrenz.

This is being implemented in collaboration with the Ministry for Gozo and the Local Council of San Lawrenz.

As part of the PEGASUS pilot MIEMA said that it is carrying out real-time energy monitoring for electricity consumption as well as generation from photovoltaic systems in a number of buildings.Promotion of renewable energy through projects in Gozitan localitiesAs part of the projects’ activities, MIEMA, together with representatives of Qala and Sannat Local Councils, participated in EUSEW 2018, EU Sustainable Energy Week which is the annual flagship event organised by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy and by EASME, the Executive Agency for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

This year’s event was held earlier this month in Brussels and focused on the theme – Clean Energy Transition – which gave policymakers a chance of reaching a wide range of stakeholders, researchers and innovators in the European sustainable energy sector, whilst also discussing the latest developments in the sustainable energy market.

The delegation from Gozo attended a number of sessions during EUSEW, including a session dedicated to the “Energy Union, Smart Cities and Covenant of Mayors: matching cities and finance”, organised by the European Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SSC) and the Covenant of Mayors Energy Union (CoM).

The Agency said that the session was an opportunity to meet representatives of the Covenant of Mayors and to discuss future actions that may be undertaken together in the framework of the LOCAL4GREEN project and to facilitate the process of new Gozitan Local Councils in becoming CoM signatories.

MIEMA also participated in the session called “Smart Grids, renewables and storage – leading the transition towards a new European energy system” held at the Salle Polak of the Residence Palace, co-organised by the European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE), InnoEnergy and the European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN).

MIEMA remarked that this session was of particular interest to the PEGASUS project, during which the debate focused on the links between energy storage, renewables (wind and solar) and smart grids, and how these features will make the new energy system successful.

It said that a number of activities are being organised in Gozo during the summer within the framework of the two projects, including workshops, training sessions and networking events.

The aim of these activities is to bring together local stakeholders and the general public and promote the use clean energy, MIEMA said.

For more information, kindly visit MIEMA’s website

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