SDM meets with MCAST on student issues including those from Gozo

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SDM meets with MCAST on student issues including those from GozoA meeting has been held between Studenti Demokristjani Maltin (SDM) and the administration of MCAST “to shed light on problems that students are currently experiencing,”

In a statement the SDM said that, during the meeting, not only the recent resit problem was addressed, but also other pressing matters that are concerning the students in MCAST.

It said that the administration had noted SDM’s efforts for being the first organisation to come forward with issues concerning the students.

SDM pointed out that Gozitan students who reside in Gozo and study in any institute in Malta, are not able to submit their assignments to the Gozo Campus.

Considering the exam period, SDM had suggested that Gozitan students would be able to submit their assignments through Turnitin, especially other assignment materials online if possible, while having the option to submit the hard copy version on another date following the online submission after consultation takes place with their lecturer.

SDM put forward the possibility of submitting the assignment to the Gozo Campus instead of any institute in Malta if need be.

The student organisation said that in another matter it pressed for answers regarding the synoptic exam that students are required to sit for in June.

SDM added that it needed clarification on what happens to students who do not obtain the mark required to pass in the exam in June, and more importantly, whether MCAST would be able to offer tutorials before the Synoptics to prepare the students.

SDM welcomed the decision made by the Institute of Business of Commerce following the meeting, that the tutorials will take place this week, while the Synoptics will be postponed to a later date.

However, SDM said that it “expects that similar procedures will follow in other institutes which have the problem regarding the delayed publishing of results and short time frames between the published results and the Synoptics.”

“This allows for fairness throughout all institutes, and leaves no students at a disadvantage,” it added.

The SDM stated that “another crucial problem is the fact that an alarming number of students did not have their dissertation proposal approved before the deadline of the dissertation.”

It said that, “MCAST expressed the fact that this was due to the MUT-MCAST dispute, but the administration professed that it is going to look into why this issue took place on such a large scale.”

SDM also raised the point that although students can submit the Degree proposals before the final year of the degree, these are not revised during the summer.

MCAST stated that due to the agreement between MCAST and MUT, the lecturers will not assess any assignment material during the summer period, the SDM said.

SDM highlighted the fact that the dissertation result letters that were sent in 2017, does not inform the students who failed their dissertation that they can adjust and resubmit the dissertation in November.

SDM said that it therefore proposed that detailed feedback of the dissertation should also be included with the dissertation results, irrespective of what marks the student obtained.

SDM said that it had reached an agreement with MCAST on many points such as the fact that a one week gap between results and resits is not enough.

The organisation said that “MCAST agreed on the remark made by SDM on the fact that more frequent updates are needed between the students and administration through a revised version which would add “Student updates” on Content Management Systems”

SDM proposed that this can be done “through a ‘Learning Management System’ in all institutes where assignment briefs and results can be published online by lecturers.”

The administration confirmed that this suggestion is going to be implemented in the year 2019, said SDM.

The SDM concluded by saying that it “would like to make it clear that we will be closely monitoring this situation throughout, and encourage MCAST students to come forward with any further concerns that they may have either on our Facebook Page or by sending us an e-mail on

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