Zammit Dimech to be EPP Rapporteur on new whistleblowers laws

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MEP Zammit Dimech will be EPP Rapporteur on new whistleblowers lawsMaltese MEP Francis Zammit Dimech of the EPP Group in the European Parliament will serve as its Rapporteur on legislation concerning whistleblowers.

Speaking about his appointment, the MEP said, “protection of whistleblowers is all about protecting EU citizens. After standing up for what is right and exposing breaches of EU law which harm society in general, whistleblowers face high risks of retaliation. It is therefore our duty to better protect these honest people of Europe.”

Zammit Dimech added that “if it wasn’t for whistleblowers we would not have known of scandals like the Panama Papers or Cambridge Analytica, scandals that affect EU citizens.”

In a report on Media Freedom and Pluralism, Zammit Dimech had outlined that whistleblowers are crucial for investigative journalism.

He also pointed out that protection of whistleblowers is fragmented across the EU.

He remarked that “leglisation had to be strengthened because the Maltese government was boasting of a Whistleblowers Act but in reality it was only using this act to protect and award tenders to whistleblowers that blow a whistle that pleased the government.”

The MEP will be working closely with the lead Rapporteur MEP Curzio Maltese with whom he had collaborated closely in a report on Media Freedom and Pluralism.

The proposed legislation will also be scrutinised by the Committee on Legal Affairs in which Zammit Dimech is also a member.

The Committee which is responsible for media has been given until early October to prepare its position.

The legislation that will be proposed seeks to establish safe channels for reporting, set new EU-wide standards for protection of whistleblowers and develop mechanisms to protect whistleblowers against retaliation.

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