Hondoq by Night next month with Ira Losco and Cash & Band

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Hondoq by NightSummer weekends in Gozo – long hot lazy days, with entertainment to follow in the evenings, and one of the activities which is organised for July is Hondoq by Night.

Back for the 7th year – the idyllic setting of Hondoq Bay will be the venue for this very popular music festival, taking place on Friday, the 6th of July.

Qala Local Council is organising the event, which gets underway from 8.00pm until late….. with live music and Djs.

Entertainment for the evening will feature a live concert by Ira Losco and the popular Cash & Band. Djs Ryan Spiteri and Darco will bring the night to a close.

As always, traditional flaming lanterns and special light effects will illuminate this beautiful bay throughout the evening, creating a magical atmosphere for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

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    4 Responses

    1. Janey says:

      I think that this should stop in Qala because it is too loud and alot of traffic. Qala should remain peaceful and quiet and Qala is too small for this. Why do they have to have this every year?

      • Mike says:

        I agree, if it isn’t noisy bikers that sound as an f16 fighter plane, its loud music, it wouldn’t be so bad if the organizers were for a change instead of presenting old has beens ie., Losco and other bands that went out with the ark.or better still move it to another area away from Qala Please.

    2. just an expat says:

      if you think once a year is bad imagine what it would be like if the Hondoq development went ahead – once a year we can put up with extra noise, traffic and disruption but NOT every day!

    3. Rosie says:

      If only Mike, they move the venue with all the has beens in another area. preferably away from Gozo as much as possible

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