Why not push the great idea of a National Park for Hondoq Bay?

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Why not push the great idea of a National Park for Hondoq Bay?“Some years ago the Qala council had put in plans for a National Park. I quote a letter in Gozonews of May 20th, 2012 “At the time this application was sent to MEPA the local Qala Council had already applied to turn the area into a National park so MEPA was well aware that the local Council had plans for the area.”

Dear Mayor why don’t you continue to push this great idea so as to hide the ‘Dante’s Hell look’ of the remnants from where the rocks were quarried! If and when the park is a reality then there would be no room for other different projects once it is established to be a public Park.

Give us something Paul. We like the beach as is, we are happy that the Water Treatment building is going to be utilised as intended and we will have good water in our taps,

We do not want the development proposed. We have enough tourists in Gozo and the tourist does not look for 5 Star accommodation but they want to see, touch and feel nature.

I even witnessed rage coming from foreign friends when I showed them photos of Xlendi and other places as they were in my childhood. “How could you do such a thing to such lovely places? Tourists come to your island,” they said, “to see the beauty of Nature which they have lost in their country many years ago”

Saying this, there was a point which disturbed me. Mr. Buttigieg, had said that an extra 83 vehicles per hour every hour of every day on top of the present traffic will be added if the Marina is built, and the same thing will happen if a National Park is built maybe not 83 or maybe more so whatever is done with the place, either a National Park, a Marina or leave it as is, there still needs that a new way should be found to build a road which bypasses Qala altogether.”

Anthony Zammit,


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    1. george palmer says:

      Whatever happens depends on the size and capacity of the brown envelopes. It is all down to that.

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