Munxar fireworks – Perfect synchronisation of music and fireworks

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Munxar fireworks - Perfect synchronisation of music and fireworks“I would like to not only like congratulate the Munxar young group for their greatest Pyro Musical Show on Saturday night, but also thank them.

I have no words to describe the perfect synchronisation of music and fireworks. It was superb and breathtaking!

I was lucky that this time I did not take my camera or phone so I absorbed fully the atmosphere. I can honestly say that I was elevated to a higher dimension. I felt I was one with the show. I was inside it. It was so magnificent that I really lost sense of the surroundings and was so absorbed by the majestic presentation that I transcended into it all.

A great congratulation to all who worked on it (in collaboration with St. Mary Fireworks Mqabba Malta) and thanks for the sponsors who made it possible.

It was rightly called ‘Light Up The Sky.’ Oh boy! was the sky ever alight! It was a beautiful gift I gave to a French couple by taking them there.

They admitted that they never saw anything like it.”

Anthony Zammit,


Photo by Sarah supplied by Anthony Zammit

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    1. Anthony Miggiani says:

      Greetings from Toronto, Canada. Discovered your website. I really enjoy it as it is very professional and current. I’m thinking of repatriating to Malta, although it seems that beautiful Gozo would be my priority retirement target when the time comes. Your website is very informative and thanks for the opportunity to leave a comment. Keep up the good work. Respectfully, Anthony.

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