Gozo Illustrated talk on an alternative ageing system for the temples

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Sirius, the Star of the Maltese TemplesA book published earlier this year – Sirius, the Star of the Maltese Temples – is the subject covered in an illustrated talk taking place next Saturday in Gozo, organised by Gozo Live.

The author and researcher Lenie Reedijk proposes a different ageing system for the temples of Malta and Gozo based on their orientation to the star Sirius. This is not a “fanciful guess,” but results from careful research, the conclusions “will amaze you,” the organisers said.

The author said that, only few people know that during the Stone Age, long before the pyramids in Egypt were built, in Malta and Gozo dozens of ‘temples’ were erected, all in the same style and largely according to the same unique ground plan.

“Of about twenty of these ruins the ground plan is known and several have been sufficiently preserved to offer an idea of the beautiful art and architecture of this mysterious culture.”

The Maltese temples pose many questions. Apart from their originally large number, the shift in the orientations of their corridors, their axes, is one of these unsolved riddles.

In her book, Dutch researcher Lenie Reedijk presents a solution to both these questions, for which the astronomy of the ancient world proved to be the keystone.

During the illustrated talk the author will explain to the audience the radical new research on the antiquity and astronomy of the temples in an easily understood illustrated presentation. Don’t miss this talk if you have any interest in the ancient culture of Malta and Gozo.

Sirius, the Star of the Maltese Temples is taking place next Saturday, the 12th of May, at 7.30pm, in Hall 2, Ministry for Gozo, St Francis Square, Victoria.

This talk is free of charge and open to all members of the public. Refreshments will be served and copies of the book will be on sale at a special price although there is no obligation to buy a book.

Seating is limited so please arrive early to secure a place.

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