A new internet banking platform to be launched by BOV

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A new internet banking platform to be launched by BOVA new internet banking platform is to be launched by Bank of Valletta over the coming weeks.

“The new interface is the result of several years of hard work involving multi-disciplinary teams within the Bank. Our goal in redesigning the interface was to give our subscribers a seamless and user-friendly online environment, which is concurrently visually appealing,” said Ivo Camilleri, Executive Electronic Banking at Bank of Valletta.

He added that in order to make the transition as smooth as possible for customers, the Bank has launched a demo which is available here

Mr Camilleri went on to say that, “The redesign was intended primarily to address the customer experience. Thus we did our utmost to make the experience as intuitive as possible as well as keeping financial jargon to a minimum and introducing a ‘Search’ function that guides the customer seamlessly across the platform.”

Speaking about the demo, Ivo Camilleri explained that this is available to all existing subscribers, both personal and those managing their corporate accounts.

“One would be able to use the existing BOV SecureKey to access the demo version and effect dummy transactions between one’s accounts in the same manner as they would eventually appear on the new interface when it goes live. The customer would be viewing his/her real accounts but the transactions would not actually be taking place,” he said.

Mr Camilleri concluded by saying that, “we are keen to continue building on our customers’ feedback, and alongside the demo version, we are launching a survey and are encouraging our customers to give us their candid feedback regarding their first impressions of the upcoming BOV Internet Banking portal.”

BOV customers who would like additional support or assistance in relation to the BOV Internet Banking platform, are invited to contact BOV Customer Service Centre on 2131 2020.

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