Hondoq Bay project saga continues as Tribunal upholds appeal

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Hondoq Bay project saga continues as Tribunal upholds appealToday’s Appeals Tribunal at the Planning Authority, gave the decision that a new case officer’s report was to be made on the revised plans being submitted for the proposed Hondoq project.

They also said that fifteen days notice “was not reasonably sufficient time” to be ready to prepare arguments etc for the June 2016 hearing and the Tribunal annulled the decision taken at the time by the PA Board and referred it back to them with instructions, “to reappoint the application for hearing after the applicant had been granted adequate time for him to prepare his arguments for the approval of the application in question.”

It noted that the Authority had not followed proper procedure in the rejection of the development proposal.

Following the decision, Qala Mayor Paul Buttigieg said that he had been fighting for the last 17 years for Hondoq to be free from development, “I find myself very disappointed but I will not give up.”

He pointed out that, the tribunal had concluded that procedures were not followed correctly by the Authority. “So now the case has been sent back to do everything necessary.”

“This is a procedural mistake which is not going to keep us from insisting that Hondoq remains free for all Gozitan and Maltese,” said the Mayor.

Paul Buttigieg went on to say that “Hondoq should remain always free for all not just for the rich. I would like to thank all those who have been supporting this cause.”

The appeal has been ongoing since October 2016 and it has been a long hard-fought battle started in 2002 by many, including local NGO `Save Hondoq ir-Rummien‘ as well as the local council, to save the popular Gozitan bay.

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    4 Responses

    1. just an expat says:

      Oh no! here we go again. Sorry to say but what did I tell you? Keep up the resistance and please do not be too disappointed by today’s decision – it is still worth fighting for and there is so much to lose if we stop. LET’S KEEP HONDOQ FOR EVERYONE TO ENJOY!!!

    2. Nigel Baker says:

      I’m not necessarily in agreement with large-scale development at Hondoq but some improvement is definitely required. At present, it is just a large concrete car-park adjacent to a rubbish-strewn ex-quarry and a run-down factory-like building with a tiny beach. Not exactly ‘pristine’, ‘picturesque’ and ‘idyllic’ as it is often described. After 10am in the summer months, I can’t think of anywhere I’d less rather be!

    3. Lino DeBono says:

      Gozo will be under more ferocious attacks – both at present and more so in the future. Money greed will try to further ruin Gozo and its picturesque bays more so. We already have Marsalforn & Xlendi raped – destroyed and murdered in the past – so whats wrong with adding another Bay with these?

      Shame on these and whoever will be the ultimate culprit in complying and approving this monstrous project.

      Let Gozo stay as it is. Do not ruin it both for us at the present time and for future generations.

    4. james duxbury says:

      smells of little brown envelopes ???????

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