Maltese-Italian language books by Gozitan Charles Daniel Saliba

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Maltese-Italian language books by Gozitan Charles Daniel SalibaSince Malta’s accession to the EU, an ever-increasing number of foreigners have chosen to live on the Maltese islands.

This has led to a demand for Maltese-language courses and resources for foreigners to learn Maltese. For this reason, Gozitan author Charles Daniel Saliba, between 2013 and 2017, published a Maltese/English book series entitled Maltese for Foreigners, consisting of 14 books, three syllabi and an audio CD/USB.

The number of Italians and Sicilians living on the Maltese archipelago is also increasing and with it the demand for language courses and resources for Italian nationals.

For this reason, Saliba has translated Level A1 of the Maltese for Foreigners series into a Maltese-Italian version titled Maltese per Stranieri. The three books found in this level (Principianti-Elementare) are Le Mie Prime 750 Parole in Maltese, Grammatica Maltese Essenziale e contestuale 1 and Parlo Maltese 1.

The author said that they are perfect for beginners and suitable for individuals, groups or in a school setting.

He added that, since Maltese is a Semitic language, it has been taught in Italian and Sicilian universities for comparative purposes. “Thus, these resources could be a helpful tool to organise Maltese-language courses for Semitic-language students studying for those purposes in Italian universities.”

Saliba has also updated the CD containing the audio files linked to the books so learners can listen to native Maltese speakers reading the text and acting out the dialogues.

In addition, he has translated the syllabus for this level based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), which can be downloaded for free: Programma del Corso.

Saliba received a doctor of philosophy degree from the University of Sheffield in 2015, specialising in teaching Maltese as a foreign language. His study was sponsored by the Malta Government Scholarship Scheme Grant (MGSS).

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