1,519 inspections carried out in Gozo during spring hunting season

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1,519 inspections carried out in Gozo during spring hunting seasonThe number of inspections carried out during the spring hunting season amounted to almost 7,300, the Wild Birds Regulation Unit said in a statement today, an increase on last year of 2,000

The enforcement section of the WBRU, together with the police, conducted 5924 inspections – 4405 in Malta an 1519 in Gozo, it said.

The Unit added that 80 officials carried out surveillance work with the aim of acting as a deterrent, and also to ensure that the laws and regulations were observed.

The police also carried out 667 road side inspections to check that legal obligations were being followed on the special license and other regulations relating to the carrying of weapons.

The WBRU a said that in addition, 514 hunters in Malta and 178 in Gozo were subject to inspections.

The Unit added that, “during the season that ended on Saturday, the Police and WBRU carried out five night patrols – 4 in Malta and 1 in Gozo. These were carried out with two NGOs – CABS and BirdLife Malta.”

“During these inspections, 7 bird callers were located, for which their are ongoing police investigations to identify ownership,” the WBRU said. “A number of Turtle Dove decoys were also removed, which were not permitted at the time.” it added.

“As part of this work carried out by WBRU and the Police, a number of people were, or will be, arraigned in court over the coming days after they were allegedly found to violate a number of regulations and laws,” the Unit said.

The WBRU noted that “while the laws and regulations were observed by the majority of hunters,” it condemned instances where individuals “failed to practice their hobby in compliance with the laws.”

The Unit added that it will continue with inspections in the coming days, with the season now closed and no hunting allowed.

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