Barts Medical School in Gozo is a cornerstone of this partnership – PM

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Barts Medical School in Gozo is a cornerstone of this partnership - PMDuring a meeting on Monday with Steward Health Care officials, the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat emphasised that the Barts Medical School in Gozo is “a cornerstone of this partnership” and that he looks forward to seeing the “acceleration of the next phase of this project.”

The meeting took place as part of the launch of Steward’s initiative here in Malta. Steward Health Care has assumed responsibility of the Gozo General Hospital. Karen Grech Hospital and St Luke’s Hospital.

The Prime Minister noted that the partnership between Steward Health Care and the Government “is not a simple public-private agreement, but is about taking our health sector to the next level, and building on the fundamental strengths of our current health system.”

The CEO of Steward Health Care Dr Ralph De La Torre remarked that, “Steward Health Care has built an innovative care model that has successfully helped patients across the United States of America to receive high-quality care while reducing medical expenses.”

He added that, “s the largest private hospital operator in the USA with 36 community hospitals, we saw the opportunity of partnering with the Maltese Government as an excellent chance for us to extend our delivery model internationally.”

“The partnership will improve on the already excellent human resources of the Maltese health sector,” said the Prime Minister.

He went on to express his “profound gratitude” towards the stakeholders involved, particularly the Midwives and Nurses Union, “whose preoccupations were understood by the government, and that they too understood the Government’s vision,” added the Prime Minister.

“The team in Malta is focused on improving the standards across the hospitals and delivering high quality care to patients. In parallel, we are working to finalise the masterplan for both sites, which would give the management a clear plan of works going forward, and to complete the Barts campus,” said the President of Steward Health Care International Dr Armin Ernst.

Today, Tuesday, the 24th of April, at 11.00am, there is a question and answer session about the company and what it stands for – with the CEO of Steward Health Care Dr Ralph De La Torre, taking place at the Doctor’s Car Park, at GGH.

Photograph: DOI/Jeremy Wonnacott

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    1. Ian Barber says:

      This is the same Barts medical school that is still a big hole in the ground as it has been for the last 6 months with no works taking place.

    2. jo says:

      Question and Answer?? Who was it intended for? The general public? Staff at GGH?

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