3,100 native trees planted on Comino – 280 tonnes of waste removed

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3,100 native trees planted on Comino - 280 tonnes of waste removed3,100 native trees have been planted on Comino, and around 280 tonnes of illegally dumped construction waste has been removed from areas across the island.

The Minister for Environment José Herrera, met with workers on site, which has been carried out in collaboration between the Environment and Resources Authority and the PARKS Directorate.

The clearing work has been ongoing over recent months on the two sites identified – making up 18 acres of land for afforestation.

The ERA conducted enforcement action and the 280 tonnes of rubbish which has been removed included old wood, invasive non-native species including wild grasses, and construction material, with the latter being cleared at the cost of those who dumped it illegally.
3,100 native trees planted on Comino - 280 tonnes of waste removedThe 3,100 native trees are of eight different species. Minister Herrera during his visit, said that the project is effectively carrying out a substantial part of the electoral promise – to plant a tree for every child born.

A drip irrigation system was also installed, so that the young trees have access to water throughout the year.

Minister Herrera, while thanking all the employees involved, stressed that this island draws the attention of thousands of locals and tourists especially in summer, “it is therefore important that Comino remains in its natural state so it can be enjoyed by both present and future generations.

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    3 Responses

    1. Lino DeBono says:

      Of all the thousands of trees planted in Comino, not one of them belongs to the renowned Comino Red & White Plum Tress. These kind of fruit tress are not even being cultivated by the Governmental Farms. Our country is thus losing one of the main fruit trees that Comino and Gozo were proud off.
      I do ask the Governmental Farms to re-introduce these trees along with the “Cawsli” trees which produce so sweet berries.

    2. george palmer says:

      Perhaps the people who dumped the waste can be named and shamed?

    3. Dietmar Treptow says:

      HOW IS IT POSSIBLE to dump this amount on an selected island ?????????????
      Names , Addresses and who gave them the Permit ??????????
      This trees will NEVER be alive in five years – I can tell you why – if you are interested !

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