A total of €1,350 collected by the Projectnews kids

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€1,350 collected by Projectnews kidsProjectnews kids collected a total of €1,355, of which €555 will go to the Puttinu Cares Children Cancer Support Group and €800 for L-Istrina 2008. The Projectnews team consists of 16 children who every week deliver local and international news and current affairs issue from a different perspective…from a child’s perspective.

During the festive season, Andrè, Christina, Francesco, Glenn, Jake John, Juan, Jurgen, Kain, Katia, Luana, Luke B, Luke V, Lydia, Martina, Matthew and Rebecca organized a book sale at the Mater Dei Hospital foyer, where they sold their own books, with the funds going to Puttinu Cares, the organization which helps children with cancer. They dedicated their time, from 10am in the morning till 7pm in the evening, where they sold dozens of books of which they collected €555.

During this activity, the kids did not only sell books, however they did another good deed. They continued collecting money in the piggy banks for L-Istrina 2008. In the past weeks, the Projectnews team collected money in piggy banks during their filming sessions in the streets of Valletta during December. In all, they collected €800 in four piggy banks for l-Istrina.

During the Christmas period, the Projectnews team thought seriously about those who during the festive season are not that happy. A few weeks ago, the Projectnews team visited children confined to treatment at Disneyland, Wonderland and Fairyland wards at Mater Dei Hospital and presented them with gifts whilst raising some festive cheer.

The team unanimously decided to do these good deeds with children who are less lucky, in order to embrace Archbishop Paul Cremona and Gozo Bishop Mario Grech’s Christmas message to children, during an interview held in December.

Bishop Mario Grech appealed, “This Christmas, give a gift. Not necessarily one that costs money but a helpful word, a good deed or action, love someone…because during Christmas time we not only receive but also seek to give something to others…look for someone who is sad and down, who maybe does not feel loved and with a smile show him your love to make him or her feel fulfilled.” Adding to Bishop Grech’s message, Archbishop Pawl Cremona insisted that “all those who are suffering for us can be a golden occasion to do good deeds…it is important not to ignore the occasion.”

Projectnews is aired every Wednesday at 4.30pm, with a repeat on Saturday at 10.30am on TVM.

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