New poetry book about Gozo: Mkejjen il-Gmiel f’Ghawdex u Poeziji Ohra

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New poetry book about Gozo: Mkejjen il-Gmiel f'Ghawdex u Poeziji OhraAnton F. Attard, Gozitan poet and author of several books, has just published a new poetry book about Gozo and the Gozitans entitled – Mkejjen il-Gmiel f’Ghawdex u Poeziji Ohra.

The poems contained in this book include poetic description of many places and views all around the island of Gozo. So much so that in the words of the late poet George Pisani,the island Gozo is a land blessed by nature.

Mkejjen il-Gmiel f’Ghawdex is a book of poems all about the island of Gozo; it is a book that can be appreciated both by young and old alike.

The author said that, for elderly people these poems can bring nostalgia for the times when they were still very young, while for the younger generation they can arouse curiosity and an urge to learn to appreciate more the life of bygone times.

“The descriptions given in these poems are not meant to teach someone, but are written to be enjoyed and give pleasure to all those who read them,” said Mr Attard.

He added, “Therefore I strongly believe that – Mkejjen il-Gmiel f’Ghawdex – should be read not only privately, but at public literary events, at festive musico-literary programmes, and literary activities by children in schools.”

For more information about this book please contact the author Anton F. Attard, by email:


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