Pallid Harrier spotted with injured leg in area of Safi – BLM

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Pallid Harrier spotted with injured leg flying in area of Safi - BLMBirdLife Malta has said that its volunteers have witnessed a Pallid Harrier in flight with a dangling leg.

The NGO said that it was a male Pallid Harrier that was photographed in the area of Safi. This protected bird of prey is a species that has attracted conservation efforts across Europe to sustain its numbers.

“With a very low migration so far, to have four known illegally shot protected birds is rather substantial,” said BLM.

It added, “this is worrying for us knowing that in the days and weeks to come migration will pick up and possibly more protected birds will be shot, most of them without coming to our knowledge.”

“We reiterate our position that hunting in spring is not right as birds are targeted while they are migrating north to breed and reproduce,” said BirdLife Malta

Photograph: BirdLife Malta

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    2 Responses

    1. george palmer says:

      Stop this slaughter NOW.

    2. Colin Hamer says:

      Whatever words you care to use and without being emotive these actions are illegal and criminal both locally and internationally and our fellow Europeans are watching and taking note. Following on from this and the other alleged illegalities in aspects of Maltese government and culture we should worry that EU funding of various projects may not materialize in future.

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