€100,000 to help make the roads of Gozo and Malta safer

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€100,000 to help make the roads of Gozo and Malta saferA Road Safety Campaign with an investment of over €100,000 has been launched by Malta Public Transport, in collaboration with Fundación MAPFRE.

They said that the campaign includes a number of initiatives aimed at different segments of the population, ranging from school children to the general public.

The main aim is to raise awareness about road safety, given that each person using the road has an important part to play, whether they are pedestrians, cyclists, drivers or passengers, they said.

Konrad Pulé, General Manager of Malta Public Transport said that, we need support from stakeholders to reduce the risk of accidents, since cars parked on bus stops, cars blocking corners and blind spots all create risky situations for all road users.”

Following the successful “Road Safety Trip” initiative for primary school children across Gozo and Malta, the Forum Theatre project is now being offered to secondary school students.

With this students aged between 11 and 13 years will have the opportunity to participate in interactive productions and learn about road safety and traffic regulations in an entertaining and fun way.

Also, through a collaboration with the popular local band, The Travellers, a road safety campaign targeting teenagers and youngsters is also being launched on local radio stations as well as social media with specific messages to encourage youngsters to be safe on the road and to respect road regulations.

Vehicle drivers will be targeted directly is the “Don’t Text and Drive” messages displayed on the back of Malta Public Transport buses, with the collaboration of Moving Ads.

The large-format adverts are very visible and are aimed to remind drivers about the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving, the organisers said.

“As part of this joint campaign with Fundación MAPFRE, we will be inviting and encouraging various stakeholders to commit themselves to safer roads in Malta. Through such collaborations and strong and strong commitments, we can truly make a difference and improve road safety in Malta,” concluded Konrad Pulé.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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    1. just an expat says:

      Forgive me but the only way to make the roads safer is to 1 – properly enforce the laws regarding phone use while driving 2 – actually ensure drivers understand the rules of the road and driving instructors teach driving with awareness of other drivers as a priority – countless times I meet learners with an instructor who are totally unaware of their surroundings! The ability to drive a car does not necessarily mean you are competent to drive on the road. Sadly this fundamental fact seems to be being ignored. I have always been led to believe that your actions as a driver should “not cause others to change speed or direction” or has this changed? The same rules also apply to pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders/drivers etc – it is your responsibility to look before you cross or enter the road. Do not expect others to give way just because you want them to or you are in a hurry. In the meantime I can only suggest we are all extra careful……………..

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