A packed show at the MTL Fest in Ghajnsielem

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Great show at the MTL Fest GhajnsielemRecently, and for the third consecutive year, the GSM Youths, Ghajnsielem organised an impeccable and professional three hour show at the 2008’s edition of the MTL FEST. Over 300 tickets were sold for the event, and the theatre hall at the Youth Parish Center was packed with people on the night.

Zoo entertained the crowd throughout all the event with their spontaneous jokes. The event started with a short video-clip demonstration showing the highlights of 2008. The show then offered a variety of songs, comedies and dances.

Participants included Charlene Muscat, Alessia Camilleri, Yanica, Charpene Portelli, Jodie Farrugia, Deborah C and Dephne Xuereb among other local talents. The local band ‘Mistaken Identity’ also impressed the crowd with their jazz music.

The event was sponsored by the Ghajnsielem Local Council. The show ended with a short musical comedy featuring local youths dressed as Sisters and imitated the ‘Enigma’ group and their chant song ‘Sadness’.

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