Munxar Council approves motion for experts to assess animal waste facility

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Munxar Council approves for experts to assess animal waste facilityMunxar councillors for the Nationalist Party, Damien Spiteri and Paul Curmi, in a joint statement, have welcomed the unanimous approval of the motion put put forward by them at an urgent council meeting.

The motion deals with the proposed application for the processing of animal manure at a site in the locality.

The motions says that “within eight days from now there should be nominated and approved a number of experts including an architect, lawyer and other experts in this field to make an assessment of the application and define exactly the possible consequences should it be realised.”

Then, “within three weeks from now the council should prepare and approve its objections so that it can submit them to the authorities concerned in particular the Planning Authority.”

The councillors said that it is expected that if this application is approved and the project is completed, it will have a huge negative impact on both the location as well as the residents.

They pointed out that, “one of the most negative points is the fact that every vehicle carrying this manure, must pass through the centre of the village as well as several residential streets in the locality.”

This, in addition to the inconvenience that will be created due to the increase of heavy vehicles in the locality throughout the day, leading to a possible health risk for the locals, they said.

The Nationalist councillors thanked the residents who attended the meeting and said that they remain committed “to continue working to safeguard the interests and rights of all residents of Munxar.”

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    1. Dietmar Treptow says:

      I am always impressed about expert ideas . It could be very easy – but when the “” expert ” says ….
      Ask the people to bring ideas – i have one !
      BUT i am not an ” expert ” .

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