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Full-scale aircraft emergency exercise underway at MIA

Full-scale aircraft emergency exercise underway at MIAA full-scale aircraft emergency exercise is being carried out at Malta International Airport this evening.

MIA said that this is to test the level of preparedness of the key stakeholders that would be mobilised in the event of a real-life accident at the airport.

The exercise has been organised by the Malta International Airport team in collaboration with a number of key stakeholders including the Armed Forces of Malta, the Civil Protection Department, Mater Dei Hospital, the Malta Police and airline representatives.

A group of actors and volunteers are also participating in the role of affected passengers, allowing first responders to practise important processes such as triage, treatment and transportation.

MIA said that it will be testing the appropriateness of its recently amended Airport Emergency Response Plan (AERP), in line with the European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) regulatory obligations.

The exercise will also serve to Determine the effectiveness of MIA’s command and control system for managing incidents and to test the communications systems and emergency resources in place.

MIA said that the simulated scenario will involve a B737-800 Medina Air aircraft travelling from Genoa with 74 passengers and 6 crew members on board.

Whilst flying over Sicily, the crew report major hydraulic problems to Air Traffic Control and a full emergency is declared, triggering the Emergency Response Plan.

A hard landing at MIA causes the wheels to collapse and the aircraft to veer off the runway, eventually coming to a standstill on Taxiway Lima. As a result,a number of passengers suffer critical injuries and a number of fatalities are reported.

The airport said that following the declaration of an aircraft accident, the different entities are called on site to, among others, cordon off the accident area, start rescue and fire-fighting procedures, set up a collection area for injured and uninjured passengers and crew, and establish a decontamination area.

Malta International Airport said that it carries out emergency exercises on different levels on a regular basis, in order to keep improving its Airport Emergency Response Plan and response capabilities.

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