Enjoy family parks without leaving rubbish and leave you mobile at home

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Enjoy family parks without leaving rubbish, and leave you mobile at home“If one watches TV, in Maltese talk shows, apart from many topics, often we talk of cleanliness in Malta. Radio and TV presenters, Prime Minister and many other prominent people urge the Maltese citizen and visitor alike to keep our dear Malta clean.

I would like to add to this choir of people in adding my pennies’ worth. I suggest that in family parks where families go there on purpose to spend some hours to relax NO Bins should be out there!

When one prepares to go to this park one takes with him all food, plates, forks and knives, drinks, glassware and so on. Including with these provisions they should also take empty garbage bags and take the garbage home with them as they take the plates and glasses and separate the garbage. This is my first suggestion for family parks.

We are becoming snobs, more precisely phone snobbers or Phobbers. Phobbing is a word created to describe those people who disregard the others and blend in with the mobile becoming one with such gadget.

This is today. This is now. Before it was chatting, dialoguing, pulling one’s leg, expressing one’s opinion, discovering your friend’s charm and so many other specialities and qualities, asking advice, opening up, being a member of a family/friend community.

Yes, this was before the introducing of phobbing. I suggest that if you love yourself and want to experience something great which is nearly lost yet, so elevating and exquisite, leave your mobile at home when you go for a picnic.

Throw yourself on the ground, cook, eat, play and talk to your friends and give yourself the greatest regenerating gift of humanity which you can give.

Take your garbage home with you, including cigarette butts which drastically harm the soil with its contaminated chemicals in it, and do not phobb but switch off your mobile and switch on instead your mind and heart. Happy living.”

Anthony Zammit,


Photograph by Alain Salvary


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    3 Responses

    1. Alain says:

      very good article…. congratulations Anthony ..

      Everyone must be responsible for his garbages citizens , tourists …. and Malta and Gozo will be clean. An awareness has to be inculcated from a very young age … the eduction is very very important


    2. Revel Barker says:

      No rubbish bins?
      What nonsense.
      We need MORE rubbish bins – in the hope that people will use them.
      Not every family will use them.
      And some people will just leave their rubbish where they were sitting, anyway.
      But at least the bins will encourage them,
      Maybe the children will take the stuff to the bins, even if the parents are totally ignorant people.
      And then the bins should be emptied regularly….

      • anthony zammit says:

        Revel you put everyone in your own measure. Yet those who know you know how superior you think you are. Belief makes the world change, Belief in others, creates civilizations. Our Prime Minister believes in us and is continuously indulging us with ideas and inherent concepts which undoubtedly moves us forward, even to a day when smokers will have a carry-on ash box, picnic goers will take all scrabs back to their houses and Malta will shine as it already does in-front of the rest of the world. Remember that ‘thoughts become things’ and I abhor your negative thoughts which in fact slow down positive creation and evolution and only serve to mirror the likeness of the life you live. Modern dustbins are going to be installed in the new family park with sensors alarming the maintenance people to empty them, but I hope and strongly believe that in the near future and I put an emphasis on the word NEAR, there will not be any need of dustbins in parks.

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