Process underway for Ulysses Grove to be turned into a family park

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Process underway for Ulysses Grove to be turned into a family parkThe process of a call for tenders to turn Ulysses Grove at Xewkija into a family park, has been announced by the Minister for Gozo Dr Justyne Caruana.

She said that the project will ensure that this grove, which is at the moment barely accessible, is transformed into a place of relaxation, with a special emphasis on physical activity.

The Minister explained that a running/walking/cycling track will be installed over the distance of a kilometre.

Dr Caruana said that this will be an innovative project for Gozo. She added that this space will provide the Gozitan residents added value not only for sporting activity, but for those who like open spaces to relax.

Minister Caruana pointed out how this is jut not an isolated project, but will be combined with other projects embarked upon by the Ministry for Gozo to provide open spaces for families.

“Key among these will be the petting farm within the ongoing work at the experimental farm and the regeneration project of Tal-Gordan Lighthouse.”

“Such spaces, which are missing in the island, continue to promote the aspect of social inclusion as well as physical activity and this family park will offer adequate space where sports can be held,” said the Minister.
Process underway for Ulysses Grove to be turned into a family parkShe explained that during the process of change at the grove, special attention will be given to the natural environment, with a small number of trees to be moved in the grove, and other native trees will also be planted elsewhere within the grove.

This project is divided into three phases. The first phase, the call for tenders which has already been published, will cover the process of levelling and strengthen the foundation for the track and other related areas. The second phase will cover the construction of new entrances, repair of the present ones, as well as restoration of rubble walls. The third and final phase will see the installation of equipment such as benches and an open-air gym, so that this family park can begin to be enjoyed by the general public, the Minister said.

This project is co-financed through European funds.

Photographs: MGOZ/George Scerri

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    3 Responses

    1. anthony zammit says:

      For what it’s worth. We tend to ask for a couple of canteens or a Hotdog cart or what’s better than an Icecream truck to make the day memorable? I would suggest that these vendors will be outlawed in and around such parks. Families who go to this park, go there to spend a whole day, a morning or afternoon. They should take their picnic container and their empty garbage bags which they will take back at home and at home, they will separate as usual for recycling. Buying from stalls is lazy and unhealthy. Selling all sorts of candy such as candy floss and games for children is a deterrent to the enjoyment of the day. Buying food and drinks create garbage because when one buys it the buyer feels it is the seller’s responsibility to clean up after them. I believe we should try to go back as some years ago which means taking our own food and drink with us and instead of the olden days, leave the mess behind, this time we take it all home with us and separate it as civilized citizens. There should not be any garbage containers which get filled up easily and bring all kinds of insects. It is your garbage, take it home with you and dispose of it as intelligently as possible by separating it like you do with your daily garbage. This is the ultimate evolved state of a family park.

    2. george palmer says:

      Not to mention the shotgun cartridges and lead shot that will litter the ground in no time.

    3. anthony zammit says:

      The only amenities I would suggest are toilets of course but with a difference. I would suggest Rustic buildings like those of Popeye Village built with fiberglass looking like wood toilet sheds as one would find at the back of a country house. Maybe there could be Pergolas included with an electric BBQ in the center operated inexpensively with money coins. Not for profit but so that no one will waste. Again, although Malta stone is beautiful it is a sore eye for such garden/park/rustic looks. Parks should be free of charge but one should take toilet paper with him as they should take food, coolers and empty garbage bags to take everything back home including cigarette buts. I don’t know where this Park is. I guess soon I will find out. Congratulations to our dear Justyne and keep up the good work.

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