Giving children a voice on future initiatives and plans for Gozo

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Giving children a voice on future initiatives and plans for GozoThe Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana, had an interesting and productive discussion with EkoSkola students attending all primary and secondary schools in Gozo.

The Ministry said that the students were given the complete freedom to ask, discuss and deliver their opinion to the Minister for Gozo on various aspects relating to incidents of a personal nature, to Gozo in general, and those related to the school.

It said that the majority of the comments were on the protection and improvement of the environment in Gozo, on public cleanliness and improvement of facilities – including existing ones, as well as broader and interesting suggestions on the need of open spaces for the benefit of families.

Minister Caruana listened to and welcomed the suggestions made by the students, describing them as smart, which she said, “bodes well for them as possible future leaders.”

While taking note of each suggestion raised and its possible action, Minister Caruana explained in detail the projects already started by the Ministry, and those that are planned for the future to help increase the level in the quality of life for the residents of Gozo.

Dr Caruana expressed her satisfaction that the work of the Ministry for Gozo is already addressing many of the points raised by the children, but also said “that there is much more work needed to be done.”

For this purpose, Minister Caruana also suggested a committee be appointed with a student representative from each school, who together with the Ministry for Gozo, would help design and plan projects and initiatives aimed towards children and young people.

The Ministry for Gozo said that the proposal was welcomed with great enthusiasm, “because it is the best way to give our children the tools to not only make their voices heard, but also to be able to participate in decision-making and the implementation of a project in aid of Gozo and the Gozitans.”

“Therefore #progettghawdex will also be undertaken by virtue of children as active citizens of Gozo,” the Ministry said.

Photograph: MGOZ/Terry Camilleri

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