No hot drinks being served on Gozo Channel ferries from tomorrow

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No hot drinks being served on Gozo Channel ferries from tomorrowPassengers travelling on Gozo Channel ferries tomorrow will find that they are not able to purchase hot drinks on board.

The UHM Voice of-the Workers, said in a statement that it has issued directives to its members working as cafeteria attendants on the Gozo Channel ships, not to to serve hot drinks from tomorrow, Monday, the 12th of March..

The Union added that the action has been called because the employees are being given shifts with hours “that are detrimental to the health and safety of the workers.”

“This union has for the past months, been communicating with the contractor who employs these workers, as well as the Gozo Channel Co, but the distribution of the shift times continued for the worse,” it said.

The UHM went on to say that, “there are situations where some shifts require two workers together to cope with work load and the number of passengers. But several cafeteria attendants have been scheduled to perform their duties alone during busy weekend trips.”

According to the union, in some cases employees have even asked to work three consecutive nights without any rest days.

The UHM stated that, “these workers have their rights and deserve to have a better distribution of hours so that they can perform their duties more efficiently without an increasing risk related to health and safety.”

The UHM concluded its statement by saying that it will continue its directives pending the necessary rearrangements with rosters and working hours.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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    2 Responses

    1. Nigel Baker says:

      Imagine having to work THREE consecutive nights! They must be exhausted!

    2. Ray says:

      The article says that the employees ASKED to work three consecutive nights!
      I used to work 12 hour nights and it never did me any harm!
      Some of them are so exhausted they finish their shift and go off to do their part time job!

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