MEP announces measures to bring farming sector to the forefront

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MEP announces measures to bring farming sector to the forefrontDuring a press conference in Gozo today, MEP Zammit Dimech Francis Zammit Dimech, announced measures to bring the farming sector to the forefront at a European level.

He noted that the fact that Malta has no MEPs sitting on the European Parliament committee on agriculture, should not bar the concerns and ideas of local farmers from reaching the European Union.

Francis Zammit Dimech said that his commitment in favour of the local farming and agricultural sector is not new.

He recalled when in December, he hosted an event in Brussels during which local and authentic Gozitan products were promoted.

The MEP went on to say that he will be meeting with a number of stakeholders, not least with local farmers themselves to hear their concerns and ideas and to bring such concerns and ideas at a European level, through the largest political group in the European Parliament, the EPP, as well as the European Parliament Plenary.

Referring to other issues, MEP Zammit Dimech noted with regret that the EU funded scheme to distribute free fruits and vegetables to local primary school children had to be suspended, “reportedly because of administrative shortcomings.” He augured that this scheme is resumed as soon as possible.

On the subject of EU funds, he remarked that it is of the utmost importance that local farmers keep benefiting in the best way possible from all available EU funds, so that they may not only improve the quality of their produce, but also to ensure a better quality of living for their families and themselves.

The MEP further insisted that the interests of farmers are first and foremost safeguarded by protecting their farmland. While recalling the proposed development in Bulebel, MEP Zammit Dimech noted that “had it no been for the insistence of PN Leader Adrian Delia, more farmland would had been lost.”

Gozo PN Spokesperson Chris Said was also present at the press conference and thanked Francis Zammit Dimech for putting farming on the European agenda.

Chris Said pointed out that farming is a “truly an important sector, particularly in Gozo, since when one compares the ratio of citizens linked to the ratio of farmers in Gozo, it transpires that the amount in Gozo exceeds that of our sister island Malta.”


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