“Questionable hospital deal is adversely affecting workers,” says PN

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"Questionable hospital deal is adversely affecting workers," says PNIn a statement, the Nationalist Party has accused Prime Minister Joseph Muscat of not keeping his word, when he said that with Steward Health Care, employees would keep the same working conditions at the Gozo General Hospital, Karin Grech Hospital and St. Luke’s Hospital.

“The questionable deal in which the government sold three public hospitals, has been bad for the taxpayer, the patients and hospital employees,” the PN said

The PN went on to say that “not only did 17 workers not keep the same working conditions, but they have also been dismissed from their workplace.” It added that The PN “shows solidarity with these workers.”

The PN stated that, “VGH took € 50 million from the mouths of the Maltese people and the only difference it left behind is a large hole in the ground near the Gozo General Hospital.”

It added that, “students remain without a new medical school. Medical devices were sold for just € 1 and 63,000 patients are still waiting for a first appointment, and now workers are sacked from their jobs.”

The PN concluded by saying that, “the Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia and PN will continue to defend the Maltese people, with proceedings already in the Court to declare the agreement null and void and to return the hospitals once more back to the people.”

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