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Zminijietna: The reality of violence against women still prevails

Zminijietna: The reality of violence against women still prevails“During the last years there has been very important developments in addressing gender equality, in getting more women in the labour market and in addressing domestic violence.”

Zminijietna – Voice of the Left, made the comments on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

It added that, “however the reality of violence against women still prevails, where every woman is subject to violence, starting from the wealthiest women to those most vulnerable. To date many women are still finding it difficult to report the abuse.”

Zminijietna also noted that, the Government had endeavoured to strengthen legislation under the Istanbul Convention, which aims to protect victims and deal with perpetrators. “This is already a major stepping-stone,” it said.

“The market for rent and property is escalating where prices may be at times hard to sustain,” said Zminijietna. “This will make it hard for women fleeing from abusive partners to live independently. The same applies to the perpetrator who may be obliged to leave home under the legislation of the Istanbul Convention.”

Zminijietna urged the Government to urgently address the property market, “for only through this are all women empowered to live independently and free from violence.”

Zminijietna will be participating in the ‘Women’s Day March against Violence’ in Valletta at 5:30pm (Citygate).

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