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KNZ welcomes Parliament’s Vote 16 constitutional amendment

KNZ welcomes Parliament's Vote 16 constitutional amendmentThe Malta Youth Council (KNZ) has welcomed this evening’s approval in the Maltese Parliament of a constitutional amendment which lowers the voting age in General Elections and European Parliament Elections to the age of 16.

KNZ went on to thank all the stakeholders who worked hand in hand to make this a reality.

“This move is surely a step in the right direction,” said KNZ, adding that it believes that Malta should now increase it focus on a number of other issues in relation to youths’ rights.

KNZ emphasised the need for both formal and informal methods of education to increase knowledge-based civic education.

It said that, “these methods would increase vote 16’s effectiveness and recognition among the Maltese population in general.”

KNZ encouraged the relevant authorities “to take bold steps to make sure that tomorrow’s voters are empowered to take their decisions in a responsible manner.”

KNZ also highlighted what it described as “a number of anomalies in Maltese law, namely the current sexual age of consent at the age of 18. As well as the current state of Maltese law, whereby youths are encouraged to become active citizens and involve themselves in voluntary organisation, whilst prohibiting voluntary organisations from registration if they allow the involvement of youths under the age of 18.”

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