BirdLife Malta accuses FKNK of attempting “to hinder democracy”

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BirdLife Malta accuses FKNK of attempting "to hinder democracy"BirdLife Malta, in a statement this morning has said that “when a government chooses to ignore its own agency – the ERA – and introduce measures that will destroy wildlife and nature – which is a national heritage – then it is only fair that as an NGO we think of the next level. Public consultation through a referendum is a democratic right.”

BLM was reacting to FKNK’s comments this morning that the government “should not use another €6 million of tax payers money on another referendum.”

BirdLife argued that, “the attempt to stifle this democratic tool is perhaps a small reflection of why in 2018 we still uphold practices which are banned from other modern societies.”

It added that, “no measure of intimidation including the spate in social media attacks on BirdLife Malta officials will stop BirdLife Malta from pointing out that the Muscat Administration is not interested in wildlife protection.”

BirdLife pointed out that the hunting referendum in 2015 took place during the local council elections, which is a cost incurred naturally in the country’s democratic process.”

“The Finance Minister had then stated that the cost for the referendum was €4.6 million and not €6 million as quoted by the hunters’ representation.” it said.

BirdLife Malta concluded by saying that “the figure of €4.6 million is inflated” and insisted that “come what may democracy does not have a price tag.”

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    1. george palmer says:

      Just go for another referendum and put a stop to ALL hunting and trapping.

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