Il-Hagar Museum hails Mro Joseph Vella in a: A Life for Music

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Il-Hagar Museum hails Mro Joseph Vella in a: “A Life for Music”In a statement today, Fondazzjoni Belt Victoria in Gozo has said that, the sudden loss of music genius Professor Joseph Vella has been commented upon and commemorated widely, both locally and overseas, highlighting one aspect or other.

They said that Il-Hagar Museum curator Mgr Dr Joseph Farrugia had rightly hailed him “a giant of contemporary Maltese culture” while introducing three days of celebrations held last weekend in his honour – just hours before Mro Vella left us.

Fondazzjoni Belt Victoria remarked that it cannot ignore “the close relationship with is-Surmast of so many directors and members.” “All this climaxed on Saturday with the inauguration of the Joseph Vella Music Archive, which is now hosted permanently in our Museum Il-Hagar – the result of a long labour of love,” it said.

Fondazzjoni Belt Victoria remarked that, “during the celebratory lunch on Sunday, the maestro repeated that he still had so many plans. But the Lord responded that he had done enough!”

“We are happy that in the Joseph Vella Music Archive at Il-Hagar Museum the people of Malta and Gozo have a memorial for all to visit and research. A temporary photo-and-poster exhibition will remain for a few more days.”

There will be the opportunity to visit the exhibition on Saturday for those who are attending the funeral – a “memorial book” will also be inside the museum to leave their thoughts.

Some copies are still available of a full-colour book which was published giving an overview of Joseph Vella’s “Life for Music.”

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