After 25 years “local councils need to be revitalised again”

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After 25 years "local councils need to be revitalised again"Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Communities Silvio Parnis has said that there is “a need for local councils to be revitalised again so that they can cope with the legitimate aspirations of our citizens.” He was speaking during the launch of the official logo for the 25th anniversary since the establishment of local councils.

The Parliamentary Secretary remarked that the regions are at the forefront of the Local Government reform. “These will have more defined roles and responsibilities, as well as the resources needed to perform their functions,” he said.

Among the key proposals in relation to the regions, he explained that it is being proposed that these should be increased from five to six, there should be a new method of appointing a President of the Region, the waste collection contract should be on a regional basis, the regions should be given more responsibilities including social issues and the Regional Committees should have a direct financial allocation so that they will be stronger and more authoritative and independent.

The Parliamentary Secretary also said that it is being proposed that the Mayor will be given the possibility to choose to work on a full-time basis. “The Mayor will then truly become the leading citizen of the locality and will be there for the residents more comprehensively,” he added.

Silvio Parnis went on to say that it is being proposed to strengthen the IT use and infrastructure within the local councils, to strengthen the human resources and to strengthen the local councils so that they will be “given the esteem that they deserve and will regain the citizen’s trust.”

The Parliamentary Secretary concluded by stating that, “by means of this reform, our country will truly have Local Governments of excellence that could respond to citizens’ legitimate expectations.”

Photo: DOI/Omar Camilleri

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