The long wait for a much needed MRI in Gozo – Anthony Zammit

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The long wait for a much needed  MRI in Gozo - Anthony Zammit

The wait for an MRI means living in a dream world caused by pain

“Dreams: Wouldn’t it be nice if we could remember our nightly dreams? While I am not an expert, this subject had enticed me for many years and I gobbled up as much information from books and documentaries as I could. It was not until lately that I understood the reason why nature has seen fit to erase our dreams as soon as we wake up!

People complain that as much as they like to, they cannot remember what they dreamt. There are many suggestions from dream experts of how one can remember what he dreamt. For example auto-suggest before you sleep that you will stay semi conscious during your dream and while the dream is going on you remain aware that what you are going through is your dream. I tried this with minimal success.

The best way I and many others found was to first of all create a regular dream pattern. You should go to sleep at the same time and wake up at precisely the same time. You, therefore will create a steady rhythm and this will result in a precise dreaming pattern. If you have three dreams per night, you will dream them at the same time.

When you feel that you have regulated your sleeping model then set your alarm half an hour or forty five minutes earlier because we usually have our last dream in our last hour of sleep. As you wake up during the dream, then you will remember it clearly and having your mobile on audio recording you can recount your dream on your phone.

I did not go into details re Rapid Eye Movement ‘REM’ because this would need a person who will not sleep and when this person sees your eyes rapidly moving he will wake you up and you will remember your dream.

I suggested that you use the alarm some time earlier than usual because normally we dream at the end of our sleep when we wake up at the same time every morning and have a regular pattern. This way you do not need a friend to keep watch to wake you up while you are in REM.

What prompted me to share this information with you, good readers of GozoNews? As I said, all my life I was interested to know as much as possible about dreams and try to remember them so as to interpret them as they are the valve of the physiological situation of the dreamer.

Interpreting dreams while in your conscious state (awake) would help to cope and move forward, find peace and assurance in your life. Yet I stand to differ in this because while all my long life I sought to grab on to dreams, now I find myself lost because I am remembering all my dreams. I find myself in a position that I cannot differentiate between reality and dream land and I attest that this is not healthy at all!

I hurt my shoulder and while waiting to queue up to have an MRI at Mater Dei because we do not have an MRI in Gozo, I am having sleepless nights. I am waking up each time I turn to sleep on my left side and as expected I am remembering all my dreams (usually 3 per night).

I am not only physically tired to go to work but I am confused! I am confusing the dream world with the real world. Sometimes I remember a situation which really happened and I count it as a dream and vice versa. It is so disturbing that I cannot put a dividing line between dreams and reality.

I am feeling insane and while my dreams are causing this, now the dreams are changing to nightmares because I am confused during my ‘awake’ state and the dreams are trying to counteract by venting out this confusion with drastic dreams, causing me more confusion and the situation is daily aggravating. Now I understand why nature makes us forget our dreams!

I am not going to imitate the regular whiner and write about how many months I have to wait for an MRI, I just want to send two messages to ‘whom it may concern’ that shoulder pain requires urgent attention as regards to MRI and that in Gozo General Hospital we need an MRI as soon as possible.

Hopefully I will not be locked up in a mental institution before I get my MRI to find out what is causing this pain.”

Anthony Zammit,


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