€17 million project on the management and protection of water

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€17 million project on the management and protection of waterA €17 million project to improve the management and protection of water throughout the country has been announced by the Minister for Energy and Management of Water Joe Mizzi, together with the Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change José Herrera.

It will ensure improvements in the management and protection of water in the valleys, for groundwater and seawater.

This project is financed by the European Union under the programme “LIFE Integrated Projects,” and will help in carrying out the National Plan for the Implementation of the European Water Policy Directive (Water Framework Directive) of European Union.

Minister Joe Mizzi explained that this huge project actually brings together bodies from four Ministries; the Ministry of Energy and Water Management, the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects and the Ministry for Gozo.

He added that another important measure in this project involves the establishment of a consultative forum on water management to bring together representatives of public and private sectors.

Mizzi went on to say that the projects will,include some 27 measures on water conservation and will be spread over eight years, including among others a survey of around 50,000 homes providing assistance on how their water consumption can be improved, 85 projects on water conservation in schools, restoring ecological systems in the valleys and coastal wetlands and undertaking a monitoring programme for water quality focusing on new contaminants.

In the coming months, the Agency will organise a series of meetings with s stakeholders in this regard. This framework will be presented to other islands in the Mediterranean and at various activities with the help of organisations active on water management in the Mediterranean, such as Global Water Partnership Mediterranean and the Mediterranean Network of Basin Organisations, to help other islands like Malta also improve their water use.

Minister José Herrera explained that this project is a concrete step towards improving the our water infrastructure and is a valuable tool for government authorities to meet the European Union requirements regarding the water policy in compliance with the Water Catchment Management Plan.

Herrera Minister announced that as part of this project his Ministry will benefit from around €4.5 million, which will be invested in the identification of pollutants, modelling of water collection, the restoration of coastal wetlands, as well as a survey of our marine environment.

These actions will be carried out by the Environment and Resources Authority and the PARKS Directorate.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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