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Encouraging trend shown in recycling habits – GreenPak

Encouraging trend shown in recycling habits - GreenPakAccording to ifs figures, GreenPak has said that there is an encouraging upward trend finally emerging in the recycling habits of the Maltese and that “the door-to-door collections of the green bag and glass bottles has shot up by 14 per cent last year over 2016.”

GreenPak went on to say that this confirms a year-on-year increase and comes of the back of National Statistics Office figures which showed a 15 per cent rise in households’ use of the green/grey bag for recycling in 2015.

CEO of GreenPak Mario Schembri said, “after a few disheartening years, we are finally starting to reap the results of years of hard work. We’ve still got a way to go before we can rank as the best performing country in Europe when it comes to waste avoidance and recycling, but it’s a start.”

In a statement today the cooperative said that according to the NSO, a total of 17,113 tonnes of recyclable waste was collected through the green/grey bag and glass collection from households in 2016; “the majority (12,963 tonnes) of which was collected by GreenPak.”

Mr Schembri pointed out that contrary to NSO figures, GreenPak’s data was showing a marked increase in the waste collection from bring-in sites – 2,266 tonnes in 2017, compared to 2,071 tonnes it had collected the previous year.

He said that, “we are attributing this increase in our figures to GreenPak’s focus on ensuring we fulfil our clients’ goals and recover as much of the packaging they put on the market as possible.”

Schembri concluded by saying that,”we’re on the right path. But every individual has to realise they have a role to play in protecting our environment and I hope we can start moving in the direction where we eventually minimise the amount of waste we throw in the black bag.”

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