Zammit Dimech and Comodini Cachia visit MCAST Campus

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Zammit Dimech and Comodini Cachia visit MCAST CampusMEP Francis Zammit Dimech, member of the Committee on Culture and Education, has said that “MCAST Students are being caught in limbo as a result of the dispute between the administration and academics. I call on the Government to give priority where it is due rather than persist in just taking care of the chosen few.”

The MEP made these remarks when addressing the media following a visit at the MCAST Campus to meet students and discuss with them the ongoing impasse taking place, just days away from their exams.

He was joined on the visit by Therese Comodini Cachia, the opposition spokesperson for education who remarked, “I have come to MCAST to express my support to the students and lecturers.”

She added, “the difficulties being faced by lecturers at MCAST are disrespectful of their profession. In the same way in which MCAST was restructured often giving more or changing responsibilities for lecturers, their working conditions must reflect the responsibilities assigned to them.”

Comodini Cachia went on to say that, “it is in the best interest of the students and their education that lecturers are given fair and respectful working conditions. As spokesperson for education I will continue to follow developments in this industrial dispute.”

Zammit Dimech and Comodini Cachia added that the government had relegated education to the bottom of its priority list and was administering education in the same way as other sectors based on undue interference and favouring only the privileged few.

They also referred to ongoing uncertainty on the autonomy of the Universality of Malta in the light of a white paper, deceiving teachers through collective agreements and now ignoring the needs of MCAST students and academics.

“On the contrary PN administrations had invested heavily in MCAST building a new Campus and revamping Vocational Education and Training in Malta,” they said.

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