Prodott ta’ Kwalità launched – Quality scheme for agricultural products

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Prodott ta’ Kwalità launched - Quality scheme for agricultural productsThe Prodott ta’ Kwalità scheme has been launched, which, the Government said “will guarantee that the product was truly produced in a transparent manner, and that during its production, standards which are higher than those required by law were maintained.”

Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights Clint Camilleri launched the scheme, saying that, “for the very first time in our country, we have managed to establish a quality scheme for agricultural products which farmers and herdsmen can now apply for.”

Marka ta’ Kwalità is a guarantee to the purchaser that the purchased product not only meets the European minimum standards, which all Maltese products must meet, but that it also contains certain qualities, he said.

The Parliamentary Secretary explained that these include the way it was grown or reared, treated, and packaged or delivered, thus ensuring that it is being delivered in a manner that showcases its quality and the dependability of the process behind it.

The properties may be linked to taste, ingredients, appearance, environmental conditions ensured in the process, or the social contribution which a certain brand of product or products make towards the community.

Parliamentary Secretary Camilleri said that, “the key factor behind the quality policy is to reward producers who make a greater effort with better prices, and to facilitate transparency for the benefit of the consumer.”

Camilleri added that for the realisation of this sustainable policy, and for this policy to be able to work independently, it has been ensured that anyone who participates in the preparation of Marka ta’ Kwalità can benefit from EU funds.

“As such, Maltese producers given the possibility to adopt high standard practices, and Marka ta’ Kwalità will be recognised by the European Commission,” he said.

The Agriculture Directorate’s Marco Dimech gave a presentation on the legal framework of the scheme, He explained that currently, the dairy, honey, pork and tomato-processing sectors are being consulted.

Parliamentary Secretary Clint Camilleri concluded by saying that the agricultural sector will be assisted in the promotion of quality products and that therefore, in the coming months, a publicity campaign will commence in order to communicate and promote this scheme to all Maltese consumers.

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