GUG hopes authorities “live up to their promises” about the Gozo Campus

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GUG hopes authorities "live up to their promises" about the Gozo CampusThe Gozo University Group in a statement this evening, has said that it understands that the “necessary permits for the enlargement and development of the Gozo University Campus. have been issued by the Planning Authority.”

According to the organisation, the Minister for Education, Evarist Bartolo, has said that “a plan is in development for the improvement of the facilities offered there, and that these new plans could potentially make the campus accommodate more students.”

“This way more courses could be taken up and make it much much easier to be a Gozitan student,” said the GUG.

The Gozo University Group said that it hopes that “the authorities live up to their promises and that they help make Gozitan student life far less stressful.”

The GUG stated that the University’s Gozo Campus, situated in Xewkija has been the topic of discussion between many commuting students.

“The mysterious building, in which one can find courses such as Diploma in Gozo Studies as well as Diploma in Lace Studies, has been criticised for not schooling students in subjects like law and medicine,” it said.

The GUG argued that, “the problem is the building, which is not in the best shape to receive a huge number of students to its halls, so the University of Malta provides courses which have considerably smaller classes such as Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Commerce.”

“There are many students who hope that their courses are offered there so as to reduce the time wasted travelling to Malta,” said the GUG.

“It takes around two hours to travel from one island to another, providing that traffic is not bad and that the X1 is on time” the GUG remarked. “This makes every second of the day precious.”

The organisation suggested that a solution to this problem could be that during the stressful months of January and May, lectures could be streamed live to the Gozo Campus through video conferencing, thus, it said, “reducing the stressful commute.”


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