Start the New Year in Gozo by donating blood to help others

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Blood donation GozoAt the start of 2018, let’s not forget those who are beginning their New Year as patients in one of the hospitals in Gozo and Malta.

As a show of solidarity with these patients the Service is inviting Gozitans who are healthy to start the year by donating blood during a session being held at the Gozo General Hospital Outpatients Department, this Sunday, the 7th, of January, between 8.00am and 1.00pm.

It is important to always take your Identity Card, or Driving License or Maltese Passport and to drink plenty of water beforehand.

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    1. anthony zammit says:

      My whole adult life I donated blood every three months. I donated blood when I lived in Canada, Italy, and Australia. I volunteered in Peru and as soon as I returned my blood was deemed bad. My blood is rare AB+, if I am not mistaken (because it has been more than 12 years since I went to Peru) I was told that by living in Peru I might have contaminated my blood. If so, I would like to know! I do not want to live with contaminated blood. If my blood is not good to give to others, it is not good for me! I never had any sexual relationship, never contacted any disease and I am alive and healthy. So I ask why cannot I donate as I always did?

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