Gozitan artists and artisan entrepreneurs deserve support – Sant

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Gozitan artists and artisan entrepreneurs deserve support, says SantMEP Alfred Sant that, “Gozitan artists and artisan entrepreneurs deserve support and appreciation for their creative initiatives to turn problems into opportunities in their respective fields.”

Dr Sant met with the Gozitan artists who will be exhibiting their art works at the European Parliament early next year. He congratulated the young Gozitan artists for their endeavours.

He also said that they are are making a difference “while overcoming the economic and social difficulties arising from the double insularity that Gozo like other EU islands, suffers from.”

Both Gozitan artists and operators in the agritourism sector, told him that “the fact that they come from a small island on the periphery of the European continent strengthens their resolve to be creative in their respective sectors.”

Four contemporary Gozitan artists will unveil twenty four artistic exhibits at the European Parliament between 6-9 March 2018.

They are – Rachel Galea, Kris Saliba, Manuel Farrugia and Anthony Caruana, who have all been invited by the Office of the Maltese MEP to display their paintings portraying Gozitan realities and aspirations at the main hall of the European Parliament in Brussels.

The venue will provide an opportunity for MEPs and visitors to the European Parliament from EU countries to appreciate the works of these artists living at the periphery of Europe.

Dr Sant remarked that, “their artistic interpretations deserve such a recognition at the European Parliament. It is part of our strategy to make Gozitan aspirations and achievements better known in Europe.”
Gozitan artists and artisan entrepreneurs deserve support, says SantThe MEP also held a meeting with the Directors of Ta’ Mena Estate the producers of authentic local Gozitan products using traditional methods with natural ingredients produced on the island.

During a tour of Ta’ Mena Estate Offices in Xewkija Gozo, Mr Joe Spiteri, Director told Dr Sant that despite the harsh competition provided by foreign producers, his company focuses on the production and development of pure Gozitan products ranging from wine to traditional ‘kunserva’ and pure honey, jams, cheeses, pates and extra virgin oil.

He explained that most of the fruits, olives, herbs, vegetables come from the Gozitan countryside and they are produced using traditional methods with natural ingredients only.

“Ta’ Mena Estate have invested €3.5 million in their new factory cum commercial outlet. Maltese, Gozitan and foreign clients appreciate our philosophy and that gives us strength to further invest in this sector,” Mr Spiteri told the Maltese MEP.

Dr Sant congratulated Ta’ Mena Estate for their initiative to exploit the realities of Gozo into a success agritourist story.

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