San Lawrenz Traditional Christmas Eve Pageant

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San-Lawrenz-Tree.jpgPhoto shows the new natural Christmas tree, from a forest near Colle Umberto, at the start of its journey to San Lawrenz for their Traditional Christmas Pageant.

The village of San Lawrenz is widely known for the Traditional Christmas Pageant, which has always been held on Christmas Eve for the last thirty-seven years.

This pageant involves as many of the population of the village as possible, and over the years has continued to grow and to evolve into an extremely popular festive event.

As well as the Pageant this year, the Local Council and the Parish have joined forces so that together they are able to decorate the village during this festive period in an original and unique manner. The original Christmas tree with poinsettias which has been assembled in the square in previous years will give way to a natural Christmas tree, 33 feet high, which has been sent to the villagers as a gift from the twin village of San Lawrenz, Colle Umberto.

A new Christmas Crib will also be displayed for the first time under the tree. This crib was designed by Joseph Cauchi and represents the Christmas icon. Over a number of weeks many of the young people of San Lawrenz village have helped with the preparation of the crib, which, together with the Christmas Tree, will be one of the original Christmas attractions in Gozo during this years festive season.

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