Gozo SPCA awarded €3,000 from this year’s Animal Welfare Fund

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Gozo SPCA awarded €3,000 from this year's Animal Welfare FundGozo SPCA was one of the animal welfare NGOs which today received funds from the Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights Clint Camilleri, as part of the Animal Welfare Fund Grant Support Scheme.

The Parliamentary Secretary presented the amount of €3,000 to Gozo SPCA Chairman Joseph Camilleri.

He said that the funds were being distributed to non-governmental, not-for-profit organisations that improve the welfare of animals in recognition of their valid and effective efforts and contributions to the sector.

They include animal sanctuaries, organisations promoting responsible animal ownership and awareness, and groups which provide animal support services.

Clint Camilleri thanked these organisations for their hard work and emphasised the importance of NGOs and the Animal Welfare Directorate working closely together.

He explained that this initiative assists voluntary organisations which are active in this field. The ‘Animal Welfare Fund Grant Support Scheme’ has been purposely set up to translate this into a reality.

The Parliamentary Secretary added that for next year’s budget, the allocation for the Animal Welfare Fund is to increase from last year’s €60,000 to €80,000. This increase will be reflected in the amount to be administered to such NGOs.

The ‘Animal Welfare Fund Grant Support Scheme’ aims to support non-governmental, not-for-profit voluntary organisations that are in line with the Commissioner of Voluntary Organisations to undertake animal welfare projects with a potential to:

i. improve the well-being of animals;

ii. promote responsible ownership of animals and raise awareness of animal welfare responsibilities;

iii. assist in progressing good animal management practices;

iv. provide a platform from where closer cooperation between these organisations and the Animal Welfare and Promotion Services Directorate (AWPSD) within the Parliamentary Secretariat for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights can be developed and fostered;

v. strengthen the network of animal welfare treatment, quality of care and rehabilitation services to the community, and provide improved animal welfare facilities; and

vi. enhance the provision of community education and similar programmes, including the development of necessary material regarding animal welfare and care.

The Parliamentary also said that the priority areas for funding in 2017 were the as follows: improvements in animal sanctuaries and shelter services, including the refurbishment and upgrading of facilities; provision of new structures for animal accommodation; improvements to buildings; upgrading of equipment according to approved standards in line with the relevant local and EU regulations; neutering for stray dogs and cats; contributions towards specific expenses such as medicines, veterinary treatment, food and transport; and other relevant areas which were considered with the approval of the Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights, upon the recommendation of the Animal Welfare Fund Committee.

The funds distributed amounted to 50% of the Animal Welfare Fund Project, with the remaining 50% to be given to organisations next year once the projects are finalised. The funds are to be spent over a period of one year.

The other NGOs which have benefitted from this fund are:

Animal Care Malta – €2,400

Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA) – €3,000

Stray Animals Support Group (SASG) – €2,940.80 National Cat Society – €3,000

St. Paul’s Bay Charity – €3,000

Cats and Dogs Shelter – €3,000

Birdlife Malta – €2,990.

Photograph: MESDC/Joseph Mercieca

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